(top photo below) The Outcome of a 1920’s Remodel in Historic Emerywood NC. (Bottom Photo) 607 W Farriss prior to remodel.

Line and Form works with high quality contractors, builders and journeymen to make sure the outcome is worthy of your purchase. Many hours of work go into designing a space well before the first nail is hammered. We work with our teams and develop timelines, critical dates and workflows, so everyone is on the same page and works as a unit. Foresight, management and proper planning help reduce the days of construction, double work and overall budget. It’s quite common that older homes provide very specific challenges such as knob and tube wiring, lathe and plaster walls, deteriorating galvanized piped, weight and pulley windows, asbestos, aluminum wiring or buried oil tanks. We help to investigate and troubleshoot these red flags from the beginning so we don’t waste time down the road.

607 W farris-3.jpg


Mel & Chris truly afforded me a great new home at a doable price. Thanks guys!
— Kaila, 1st-Time Homeowner